Friday, December 17, 2010

Vegan-The New Ethics of Eating.

I had picked up this book almost 2 years ago (On my first vegan try) and finally finished it about 4 months ago. Loved it! Written by Erik Marcus, this book goes into depth about how the meat industry tortures and kills their "victims", the health behind the vegan diet, and yes even environmental issues that surround the meat/farming industry.
In this book I discovered the work of Dr. Dean Ornish. A medical doctor who found that a diet rich in plants and a more healthier lifestyle can reverse severe heart disease. WOW!!
This book also goes into great stats and stories about veganism and how adopting a plant base diet has saved lives, like Werner Hebenstreit, who had severe heart disease (among other ailments of sickness) and after he met with Dr. Ornish, he changed his life around and reversed all his symptoms.
And this is where I first heard about "Farm Sanctuary". This sanctuary is a place for abused and rescued farm animals. It was started by a husband and wife team who at the beginning of it all rescued a sheep from the "throw away pile", a section of animals that had been left to die because they were too tired or dehydrated or too scared to walk off the slaughter truck. They found her among the already dead and took her to the vet. What was wrong with her? Just dehydrated. Nothing more. We learn that they saved the sheep (who's name is Hilda) from death. Cute story :)

I for sure recommend this book for anyone who is just entering veganism. Some parts will make you cry, laugh, be excited, and even get you angry, but it will be a rewarding and knowledgeable experience. I even loaned it to a co-worker who is a meat eater, and even he was surprised at the truth of the meat/farm industry.

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