Friday, December 17, 2010

New Day

As of Monday Dec 20th, it will be eight weeks since I became a vegan. Now...I have been down this road before, twice already in fact, but this time I am determined to stick with it.
My reasons for becoming a vegan have always been the same. First being ethical issues. Every year millions upon millions of animals are tortured (yes, they are) and killed for our own benefit of food. Food in which we don't need, and even studies have shown that we shouldn't even be eating this food to begin with...And that leads me to my next reason why I became a vegan. Health. Many studies have shown that eating meat can lead to things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other harmful things. Let me just say, I am my own case study. Since I became vegan I sleep better and fuller, have no more headaches (which was a big issue before), have better skin, and as weird as it sounds, have better body odor! I don't even have issues with my bowel movements. I also have found that I have become a more happier person. I just feel wonderful!
Not only medical things have changed, but things like cooking have come into play. Before I never NEVER would have just woken up one day and said "I'm going to cook something amazing today" I now enjoy making wonderful and creative dishes all from vegan items(veggies, beans, pasta, fruit, nuts, etc) and boy they are very tasty!
How wonderful to be a happy, healthy vegan!

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