Thursday, January 13, 2011

My trip to the doctors office.

So, I went to the doctors office for a "check-up" and the nurse took my blood pressure and the nurse was impressed with it (111/76) and I told her I was a vegan, and a lot of times, vegans have lower pressure than non-vegans.

Her response, what is a vegan?

I mentioned to her that I don't eat anything from an animal.

She than asked "do you eat fish?"

Now what about "I don't eat anything from animal" did she get that I can eat fish? Sort of weird. But then she goes on to tell me that her daughter is a vegetarian, BUT eats chicken and fish. That she doesn't eat red meat.

Now isn't that just someone who just avoids red meat and not someone who's a vegetarian. Arn't chicken and fish considered meat?

I don't know...sort of weird.