Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner

I was excited to have my mom buy my very first Tofurkey! But the buying was one of two good things about Christmas dinner.

My mom, who has never cooked a tofurkey (neither have I) attempted to read the directions and preceded to cook it. Well that didn't turn out very good at all. My mom seemed to have over cooked the outside and undercooked the inside. She also forgot the gravy and then left it out for about 2 hours while the tofurkey "cooked" And of course, my potatoes didn't cook fast enough and I ended up eating them about 15 mins after dinner was pretty much over.

I did however sliced a tomato up and added some dulse flakes mixed with garlic to them. They were the best part by far!

Well now I know for next year...

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