Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at work

Alright, well truth be told, I am not a fan of Christmas. I hate the presents, the forced friendliness, crowds, grumpy people, traffic, etc...

And it didn't get any easier this year around.

I work at a grocery store in my town and I work in the bulk department which is the nuts, trail mixes, granola, spices, and dried fruit. So I don't really have to work with non vegan items that often. BUT since it was the holidays I was forced to work in our meat department on the 23rd and 24th. Yikes! Let me just was beyond gross and upsetting. Gross for the fact that I had blood and pieces of meat on me through out the day and upsetting because my managers know how I feel about meat and clearly know I'm a vegan.

I had to help a customer with veal scallopini, many customers in fact. I almost cried when I picked up each piece and placed it on the scale. I kept picturing the image of a baby cow chained into a little dark pen for his very short life. It was pretty horrible, and if I didn't need my job, you know I would have said something. How could so many people support the lesser of evil? Maybe people don't know...

I also had to help a customer get a whole fryer chicken. Now, even when I was a meat eater, I never liked handling anything with bones or even the entire headless corpse of something. So, to say the least, it was pretty disturbing. Even the customer noticed and said "wow, you must not like handling that chicken!" And I would like to mention, one of the fryers in the case had its trachea sticking out still...YUCK!

After working 2 days in the meat dept, my body ached! Lifting those prime rib roasts was very hard, some of them weighed 17 pounds! I couldn't believe some people would pay that much for a dead slab of meat?!

Thank God the holidays are pretty much over!

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